Saturday, 18 February 2017

Blueberry run + Long run

Last weekend Chelsea and I braved the weather and headed out to Ohaupo to participate in the first race in the 2017 Summer Series.

With a gentle fog settling over the countryside and excited running gathering the atmosphere was amazing.  Being surrounded by like minded people and so much positivity is always a great feeling and a nice way to start the day.

As the race start approach the fog begun to lift to reveal the beautiful roads we would be running on.  The goal was to run a gently 15km but with so many people around I was caught-up in the moment and started a little too fast. 5:40min/ks to fast.  That speed hurt my endurance and by the 12km I was starting to hurt. I pushed on though and finished fast even running up the hill towards the finish.

It felt great to be pounding the tarmac and good to get back into the race atmosphere.  It was that night that I went home and looked into seriously booking the New Plymouth - Mountain to Surf Marathon.

I don't know if it's a good thing or not but I have signed up and am planning on running my first marathon for 2017 in two weeks time.

The training has been going really well. Each week I have been increasing the distance with my first long run of 27km being completed yesterday.  It was tougher than a hobbits foot but I did it.

Easy week this weekend planned then marathon the following.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

200 Miles

200 miles so far this year

2017 Start of the year

Its interesting that the last time I made a blog entry it was October 2015.  Now, well over 16 months later, I seem to be making the same post.

I started the year with a message from a good friend, Bridget, asking me if I would be interesting in completing the 2017 challenge.  What is this you ask? Its pretty simple. Run 2017 miles in 2017.  The idea was that Bridget and I would team up and complete the miles together.  This was all the motivation I needed to get my lazy body off the couch and back onto the pavement.

It has been a month since I have started the challenge and I am well into my miles. 229 miles to be exact. I feel better both emotionally and physically. However this is only possible because of my very understanding wife. Sometimes I wonder just how I got so lucky finding such a caring and understanding woman.

Last week we both completed the Mad Eye Moody 5k virtual run. It was such a rush. Chelsea ran her first ever 5ks and did it in a PB for her. I was so proud.  I also did a PB but to be honest watching her finish was a bigger run.

This weekend is the Blueberry run and I am really looking forward to finishing that one. There are a couple of different marathons that I have my eyes on but I will keep you updated as the year goes by.