Thursday, 29 November 2012

Big Day Planned

Tomorrow being the first time im going caching as a married man is going to be epic. Planning on getting up super early, leaving my wife asleep, and heading out to collect close to 30 caches.

This plan was made a long time ago with Steve and recently Jane has decided to join with us.  Been working on solving a whole lot of puzzles and completing even more challenges.

Bring it on.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Wellington zoo

Day two of the honeymoon and we are at the zoo. Got up at like 8 and walked to our buffet breakfast ate way to much then had to walk to the bus stop

A quick trip and we were at the zoo. It's quite small but makes up for it with the interactivity. Had a great chat with the guy about the chimps and Chelsea got to feed the giraffe.

We are now just sitting having lunch before heading off to see the sun near and tiger talk

Wellington, loving it.

Chelsea with the Sun Bear

On the move

Chelsea holding the Red Panda

French Kiss

Chelsea patting the Giraffe

Lazy Monkies

On look out duty

Saturday, 24 November 2012


Yes please


We arrived safely in Wellington at 8.10. A beautiful trip

We are at the airport

After an amazing night with our friends and family celebrating our marriage I now find myself at the airport. We got home at about 10.30 and with just a couple of hours sleep we left Hamilton at 4.30. A quick trip to Auckland and we are ready for Chelsea to have her first plane flight

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thanks Kim

Just got to mum for dinner and found kimberley's parents. Such a nice surprise. Was good to catch up with them and they had a gift from Kim. Despite her being on the other side of the world she is still able to impact on mine and Chelsea life

Kimberly you will be in our hearts tomorrow

Church rehursal

Was a bit of a laugh but the rehursal went quite well

After the church we went to the fire pot. Had a lovely lunch with everyone where we all got to know each other a little bit better


Love note

Wedding setup done

Well after several hours and a table being missed we are finally done.

That's right a whole table was not set up. My instructions were not clear apparently. It's ok though as it got sorted quite quickly.

Matthew and Joanna were on hand to help us rearrange the table settings and to untangle the fairy lights. Kevin was a huge help setting up the white backdrop and hanging the fairy lights.

Glad it's all sorted now and can kind of relax

Wedding set up

9.00 and we are at Southwell to drop off all the stuff and setup. The car is full of everything.

Wedding prep

Last night we spent a couple of hours checking and double checking table settings


With our wedding only one day away I realised that I probably should have been adding to my blog the different updates. So today as we start to set up I figure ill just add updates as we go.

Now to start with our invites we're made and paid for by Chelsea's maid of honour. They are all hand stamped and the heart on the front is actually Chelsea and my ring fingers prints

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Activity Week

Start of Karioi
The morning was glorious, a beautiful blue sky and warm breeze had blessed the group for their first tramping trip of the day. Slowly as the morning progressed the students arrived at school ready to climb Karioi.  

At 8:30 everyone was in a car and heading towards Raglan. By 9:30 they had all arrived the Te Toto gorge carpark and with pack on were ready to begin the climb.
After about 10min the first cry of "My legs are burning... we need to stop" went up.  Shortly followed by "Can we rest yet?"  Needless to say the group enjoyed many stops along the way but worked together supporting each other up the steep slope.


For there to be great views there must also be great climbs.



There was one section that was very challenging. A near vertical climb up slippery rocks. Thankfully there was a chain for the group to use.


2hr 30min was the time it took the group to reach the lookout up Karioi.  They all found a spot on a rock and enjoyed a breath taking view as they ate their lunches.


With lunch digested and the views enjoyed it was time for a quick photo before heading back to the car and a well deserved rest
Two friends enjoying the view

After several trips, slips and falls the group of 15 made it safely back to the Te toto gorge carpark.

5hours and 5.1km Later