Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Little Willies' Blog: 12 week scan

Finally I get to announce to the world my amazing news. It has been one of the biggest secrets that I've had to keep and I've kept it so long.

8 Weeks ago we found out that Chelsea is Pregnant... Can you believe it... I couldn't at first.  So much has happened and changed that I have wanted to share so I decided to start a blog for 'Little Willie'.  I managed to record just about every major even that has happened so far and I'm looking forward to recording more.

Below is the link to the latest post.

Little Willies' Blog: 12 week scan:

This video makes me smile every time I see it. It is my mum to a T. She is super excited about being a Granny.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Back to geocaching

It has been a very long time since I've been out geocaching and the other day Steve invited me along on a hiking trip.  I thought about it and with me stopping squash and been staying at home I decided I deserved a day geocaching.
I checked the statistics part of my profile and it turns out that in the past 2 months I've only found 2 caches.  This is a problem. Normally I find about 60 a months. Time to get back into it.

5:00 and the alarm ripped me out of a deep sleep. Thats the first sign that its caching time.  I struggle out of bed and collect my backs and lunch that I prepared last night. With the car loaded up I head to Steves for a big day caching.  It was a quick trip up to Auckland and great to catch up with a good friend. Almost at the car park we came across a tree fall. Steve and I got out of the car and quickly cleared a way past.

We Started our walk and Were greeted with a beautiful sunrise over one of the dams in the area.  It was a good walk and felt great to be back out in the wilderness.  We found all the caches quickly and even a couple that were huge.  Had a really great day and am thinking about my next tramp already.

Good to be back on the caching wagon.

So as a quick recap I went out caching in Hamilton today to collect all the new caches.  You know its caching in winter wen you are ankle deep in water and still have a smile on your face.