Sunday, 25 October 2015

Back on the running bandwagon

It has been a long time since I even considered putting on the running shoes and starting to 'train' for something.  Now I'd like to start with some witty comment like, "I thought it was about" or "I'd been waiting for the long weekend to start..." but the truth of the matter was it was is still is a  struggle.

For a long time I have been sitting and eating and eating and sitting. I have had all the great intentions of running but have used every excuse under the sun... including the sun to not go out. I have done the occasional run and visit to the gym but nothing that eventuated into a regular schedule.

Well it's time for a change.  With my pants getting tighter and my mind starting to feel down I had to do something about it.  So yesterday I put on my shoes and headed out for what will be the first of many runs.

I am determined to beat the Blerch.

Day One

7km in 41:14
avg 5:52

Total - 7km

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A Challenge, that was an understatement. This was by far one of the hardest things I have had to do so far in my running career.

The distance was not the challenge it was the amount of climbing that had to be done. over 800 vertical metres were scaled during the 42.2km, 6hr 15min race. 

Yes it was a beautiful sight, yes it was rewarding, no I wouldn't do it again.  It is four days after the race and I still do not have any desire to do it again.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying this race is bad I'm just saying that at the moment I am not physically prepared. I think I would have to do a whole lot more training before attempting this one.

Here is my video diary of the race.

Another Marathon Done

After my first effort running a marathon distance I believed that I could do it again. I decided to put in a decent amount of training and push myself. But have I bitten off more than I can chew?

I eagerly signed up for the Taupo Run Series which consisted of a half marathon and two full marathons. The Taupo marathon was the one that I was going to target as I thought that it would be a nice enough course and that I would be able to put in a great time. Turns out that I was a little wrong

The course was a very challenging one with more hills than I was expecting to encounter. 

I pushed myself and hit that same point as I did in the first marathon. That 'I can't do, yes I can', 'I'm so happy, I'm so sad' emotional rollercoaster. 

Anyway it's done now and I'm so proud of myself. My next challenge is this weekend when I have to run the kinloch marathon. One that I have done minimal training for. I'm really scared if I'm being him being honest with you. 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Running Pays Off

March this year saw me competing in my first Half Marathon for the year.  I'd had a good build up and was feeling pretty good about the run. As we were lined up at the start we even passed comment about regretting not entering  the full.

The day was clear but we were expecting rain towards the end.  The start of the run was quick. Now I don't mean a sprint pace but it was pushing along at about 5:20min/km.  This is a very quick pace for me especially for a half marathon.

After about 10km my heart begun to lift as I was on track for a 2hr time. Up until this stage 2:19:34 was my fastest time.  It was also about this time that the wind begun to pick up.  The trouble with the wind wan't so much that it was there, but that it was a head wind and always a head wind.  We were running towards the surf and by the end the rain had set in and wind was up to about 30km/hr. 

As I neared the finish I kept an eye on the watch, 2:10:00 was creeping up very quickly and I was worried that I wasn't going to make it. The finish was painful. My legs were burning and anticipation mounting. Finally I spotted the finish and using every bit of every raced towards it.  It was a huge relief to complete the half in 2:10:45 a new Personal Best.                         Mount to Surf

Now you would think that after a run like this rest would be high on the agenda. This was not to be for me. The Hamilton Roadrunners was hosting the last event in the Summer Series and I had already entered it.  My legs were feeling ok so I decided that the 11km run was do able.  More importantly for me it was do-able at a run.  

Now that wasn't quite the highlight. There was also a spot-prize for the people that had entered all the events.  Yep you can guess here this is going. I was the lucky winner. Such a huge rush.  The prize, sponsored by House of Travel, $1500 travel voucher.

Needless to say - HAPPY - doesn't even come close to describing the elation I was feeling. Oh and to top it all off I found out this week that Chelsea is pregnant so baby two is on the way.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

School trip up a mountain

We did it. Climbing ruapane with my class was an amazing experience.  Watching them move through the different stages is always interesting and how they respond to the challenges. There is always the students who they no they can't do it but keep on going. They have this hidden spark that keeps their fires burning even when they think they just can't go on.  Today I watched as some of our fittest students opted out while others pushed through despite having rolled ankles. These moments always make me stop and take count of assumptions I may have made of people's characters.

Once we reached the peak we all sat down and had a moment to take in just how amazing our country is.  Sitting 800m above sea eating your lunch looking out over rolling hills is always something magical and watching young people experience this awe is just as refreshing.  I'm always glad that I can provide opportunities for students that they may never have had the opportunity to experience. 

Personally today was a great walk. My heels held up well and the legs were able to take the hike.  I was a little apprehensive about the walk, worried that my thighs might start to burn and make my run in the weekend harder than it needed to be. As it was the fitness held up and so did the legs. 

The next mission is the half marathon this weekend. 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Getting back into blogging

So it has been a while, well actually a long time, since I have been blogging. I have been thinking about it lately and decided to try and start regularly recording my thoughts and experiences. There has been a lot of different things that have happened to me over the past year. Most of the highlights have been to do with my beautiful daughter and my achievements running


This year there are just as many different experiences on offer. We are heading to Australia in a couple of months for a friends wedding, I have a Mega in Christchurch later in the year as well as a handful of running events with the first being in just two days time. 

My first run for the year was the Blueberry Fun Run in Ohaupo. It was a 15km run on a very beautiful day. I managed to complete the run in just over 1hr 40min. I'm quite happy with this time.  The run this weekend is down in New Plymouth and is a half marathon. The training for it has gone well and I feel really good. I'd love to do it in under 2hr 20min but I'm not going to hold my breath. I enjoy running for myself not running for competition. 

Tomorrow I'm heading up Pirongia with my class. Should be a great day for the class to bind and I look forward to watching them work together and building those relationships. Will post tomorrow with the outcome.