Our Wedding

Well after several hours and a table being missed we are finally done. 

That's right a whole table was not set up. My instructions were not clear apparently. It's ok though as it got sorted quite quickly. 

Matthew and Joanna were on hand to help us rearrange the table settings and to untangle the fairy lights. Kevin was a huge help setting up the white backdrop and hanging the fairy lights. 

Glad it's all sorted now and can kind of relax 

Was a bit of a laugh but the rehursal went quite well

After the church we went to the fire pot. Had a lovely lunch with everyone where we all got to know each other a little bit better 


9.00 and we are at Southwell to drop off all the stuff and setup. The car is full of everything. 

Seems like a daunting task having to hang so many lanterns and the lifter what we are using is one that has to be moved by hand. We realised very quickly that this was going to take a long time doing it one at a time so we decided to pre tie all the nylon and then lift them in one go.  After a little bit of organising we finally got it down to an art and within 1hr we had pretty much hung them all.



Last night we spent a couple of hours checking and double checking table settings 

With our wedding only one day away I realised that I probably should have been adding to my blog the different updates. So today as we start to set up I figure ill just add updates as we go. 

Now to start with our invites we're made and paid for by Chelsea's maid of honour. They are all hand stamped and the heart on the front is actually Chelsea and my ring fingers prints

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