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Image ET P H
As usual the weekend comes around its off caching I go.  Been putting in a lot of work cleaning out Hamilton and the area around. Now it was time to collect the ET P H multi.  Headed up the hill with Cats&Dragons and we both commented on how appropriate it was that there was a rather large antenna close to GZ. The view up here was breath taking. The valleys still had low cloud cover and it looked like a scene from a post card.  The numbers required were found without having to leave the car and after some quick Math we were off to collect the cache.
The final was a great size and easily found.  There was a small amount of parking close by that made this cache all the more enjoyable to collect. Thanks for the great Multi.

ImageThe Meeting Place of One Flightless Bird.
Was in the area to collect a couple of caches so popped out this was and quick had added my name to the log. Had never in my life been out this was and it was a great example of Waikato country. Really beautiful.

ImageBridge Over the River Kiwitahi
After collecting the meeting place cache just around the corner it was a quick drive to GZ.  I dropped off Cats&Dragons for him to find the cache while I turned the car around.  Before I had even parked the car he had the cache in hand.  This was a great area to explore with some beautiful scenery.  Thanks heaps for exposing me to some more countryside that until now I had never seen.

ImageMaungakawa Trig.
When I woke up yeah I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the man who goes caching today
When I went out yeah I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the man who goes along C&D
If I get stuck yes I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the man who gets help from C&D
And if I cleaver yeah I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the man who’s cleaver than you
and I had walked 2000 metres
And then I had walked 2000 more
Just to be the man who walked 4000 metres
To replace a cache up at the trig.
When I’m walking all I hear is C&D’s
Huffing and Puffing coming from behind me
And when we get there GZ is so beautiful
we could almost pass out right there on the chair
Now that we got there we replaced the cache
as if it was always there
and I had walked 2000 metres
And then I had walked 2000 more
Just to be the man who walked 4000 metres
To replace a cache up at that trig.
Needless to say the cache has now been replaced and owner contacted regarding placement.  Same co-ords.

Image Im not Lost!!
We may not be lost but this was certainly a cache with a difference. I have never come across a patch of bush such as this.  There is no trail or path as such and yet there was very minimal bush bashing required.  This was a most enjoyable piece of NZ forest.  Again without caching I probably would never have ventured out this way let alone walk within a patch of forest with such wonderful bird life.

Image  LOTR Home of Middle Earth
A cacher is never late, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.
I solved this one a long time ago and before I knew it i found my self asking…Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? They have passed like rain on the mountain, like wind in the meadow. The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow. How did it come to this?
Realising this I felt it was time to collect. I felt it in the water. I felt it in the earth. I smelt it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now who cache who remember it.  Before this happend to the cache I had to collect.
The One cache was found and logged. TFTP

Image XC’s Tirau quick stop
This was a very quick stop on the way to Tirau. Had been caching in the surrounding country side and stopped in to pick up this one. Great big pull over area. TFTC

Image Place of many Cabbage Trees
This was a very fun puzzle to solve and I learnt a whole lot about the area. Got a couple of my answers wrong as google and wiki were not playing fair. Emailed the CO and had a response super quick. Thanks for the help and the good cache.

Image Tirau Tower
Had always thought to myself that this town could do with a couple more caches. As I was in the area caching I thought to look and YES there was two more to collect. Solved in the area quickly and picked up then headed to his cool tower. Really a town that I under appreciated but thanks to caching have a new respect for. TFTC

Image XC’s corrugated Quick stop.
This is one of those caches that I have driven past so many time that I just had to finally stop and collect it. The cache was found easily and quickly signed. TFTC I dont think I was spied but it was hard to tell with a keen eye close by.

Image The Giant Step
This cache was seen before the car was even parked. Jumped out and signed before anyone come to the pullover bay. TFTC

Image Bridge to Somewhere.
Don’t even remember when I solved this cache it was that long ago.  Finally got around to collecting it.  The cache was quickly spotted and signed. All in good condition.

Image A Hidden Waterfall.
Had read the logs and description for this cache and thought it was going to be a bit of a bush bash to get to. C&D said that it was easier than I thought and as were were collecting caches in the area we should get it.  I hate to say it but he was right and before long the cache was in hand. Sightly damp but nothing to worry about.

Image Lost in Cache
This was another puzzle cache that I had solved a long time ago. Felt good to cross into uncharted space and collect. The radar was a little off and thought the cache had been sucked into a black hole. but no there it was.  Signed and re hid.

Cambridge Trots

Oh my gosh… where do I even start. Every year there is a gathering of teachers at the Cambridge trots. We all get dressed up and participate in a night of betting, drinking, laughing and drinking.  Needless to say our table was one of the better ones, as usual.  The theme for our table was stars. We had everything from The Joker, Popeye and Olive to Lady Gaga and Olympic boxers.  Ended up winning several bottles of wine.  At the end of the races Chelsea wasn’t feeling to well so headed home… Chris and I were in great form and decided that there was only one thing to do and that was head to town.
Town was great fun dancing and singing but there are always draw backs. THE HANGOVER. Teaching the next day was extremely hard.



Image Pukemiro Junction.
Was sitting around at home pondering things when the urge to head out caching got the better of me.  Grabbed my torches, GPS, pen and warm jacket and hit the road.  Close to 40min later I was pulling up at the junction trying to decide which way to go…. follow the sign that pointed towards the Train station or the coal mine…. No brainer really.  Parked up the car grabbed the torches and headed off up the driveway.
A short walk later I was upon a set of tracks and followed them towards GZ.  Darkness had defiantly fallen by this stage and there was an eery feeling as I got closer to GZ.  Suddenly from behind me I hear a scurrying.  I flash my torch up into the tall trees towering over the tracks to see two beady eyes shining back at me.   Never had a gardian of this sort when caching and it certainly speed me up a little.
The cache was quickly found and signed.  Now to walk back past the gardian.  Thought that shining the torch into its eyes may help…. turns out no… lets just say it was a quick run back down to the car and off to the next cache.
Image A local Swimming Hole.
Saw this new cache appear the other week and new that I had a couple of unfound caches in the area to collect.  Was just sitting around at home so thought a trip to Huntly was in order. After collecting the Pukemiro Junction cache I was heading back to town to collect this one.  Darkness had definitely set in and I hopped that I didn’t fall into the locals swimming hole.  Parked close by on Paki Street, crossed the railway lines and was soon in the middle of a mud puddle up to my ankles in water.  Wasn’t really expecting to get wet but hey I guess thats what happens when you go night caching.  Approached GZ and saw a lot of flax.  Luckily the cache was an easier find and I quickly signed the log then moved off.
My return journey was slowed as I had to wait for the train to pass.  Stood well clear of the tracks with my torches off as I didn’t want the driver to think I was on the track.
Image Hunlty three trees.
Had driven past this cache several times and always been to busy or tired to stop and collect. As I was in Huntly collecting the last caches I thought this was a great opportunity to collect this one.  Approaching GZ by car I saw a great place to pull over and park.  Oh what .. 400m away.. maybe not such a great place.  Grabbed the torches and headed off to GZ.  After a quick run I was at the 3 trees….. Luckily for me my geocacher senses were right on track and I was lead to the correct tree first time.  Cache is in good condition and using the cover of darkness I was able to sign the log.
Image Slip sliding away.
This the only cache in Huntly that I had previously tried to collect without any luck.  I was that the CO had gotten around to replacing this one so thought what a great opportunity to finally cleaning out Huntly.  After collecting a couple of other caches in the town and with only two left this one was the light at the end of the very dark tunnel.  Parked right at the playground and with headlamp on I strated searching without being to dodgy.
My first search didn’t reveal anything and not letting this cache get the better of me I expanded my search.  Finally logic prevailed and the cache was located in the most obvious location, should have started with the “Where would I hide it?” question.  Log was still perfectly dry so added my name to it and was on my way.
Well almost on my way. Took me several minutes to work out how to get out of this driveway, and being dark it didn’t really help.
Image Power Plant.
To be honest I have walked past this cache once before on a Huntly caching mission however as I hadn’t written it down I walked right past it Doh.  Not this time. With only one cache left to go this one was definitely going to be found.  But how on earth to get to the lake.  Drove around for about 10min in the dark trying to find a walk way down to the lake. Finally found a parking spot on Lakeview Rd.  With the cache only a couple of 100 metres away my hops started to rise.  I approached GZ with a smile on my face thinking this was going to be the one that clears Huntly for me.. But it’s never that easy. With not much of a clue and such prickly conditions this was going to be a tough find.
This was one time that night caching was of benefit. The torch light reflected off the plastic lid and was quickly opened and signed.  Feels good to find all caches in Huntly and clear out this area.
Jumped back in the car and started the drive home.  Was a quick trip with a large smile on my face feeling proud of what I had achieved.  Now… what town to clean out next.
Huntly Caches cleaned out


Had an epic day geocaching. Got picked up at 7am and headed out with Steve to complete his trail from Kawhia to Raglan. It was great having the cache owner with me as it made the trip faster.  We also went up to the windfarm. Never been up there before and with views were amazing. Can’t believe how big the turbines are and how much noise they make.  New Zealand is really an amazing place and its days like today that reminds me just how lucky we are to have all this on our doorstep.
Image Image

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