Saturday, 27 October 2012

Auckland Zoo

With Charlotte having a Halloween party up in Auckland it only made sense to spend the day in Auckland caching... well made sense to me anyway.  Now being a caring husband I didn't want Chelsea to spend the day sitting in the car. Chelsea absolutely loves zoo's and what better zoo to visit but the Auckland.  I thought that there may be a couple of caches in the area but wasn't expecting there to be one in the zoo.

Left Hamilton a little later than expected but arrived at the zoo at 10:30.  When were finally arrived at the zoo we were both amazed at the amount of people that were already there. Hamilton zoo is so empty in comparison.
Auckland Zoo

Part of the requirements to find the cache at the zoo required us to visit just about every single inch picking up different bits of information.  Normally when I go to the zoo I just walk around looking at the animals and move on. This time having to collect information made me slow down and appreciate the amount of work gone into different enclosures and learnt lots of different facts about the animals.

Feeding time.

We eventually made our way to the elephant  area and stayed and watch for a while as the keeper gave the elephant some food. Had to laugh a little because the keeper make the elephant hang its own netting of food up before it was allowed to start eating it.  The whole African area is probably the bit we liked the most and visited it a couple of times throughout the day.
What you looking at?

Chelsea's crate
The layout of the zoo was a little bit confusing at first but as we begun walking around it all seemed to flow together nicely. Each enclosure just looked like it was part of nature and the way the streams wound through them was beautiful.

Killer Seagulls

Only had to worry about the killer seagulls as they were the only animal that attacked all day.

A great day at the Auckland Zoo

We ended up spending close to 5 hours and collected nearly all the answers to the multi-cache. the final was found quickly and it was a great day.  Chelsea and I are going to make plans to visit the Hamilton Zoo more often as its something we both enjoy.


After leaving the zoo we continued to explore the Auckland area collecting a few more caches. Ended up getting 15 in total before heading off to the party. We were not planning on staying long so didn't have a costume planned. That didn't stop Chelsea from getting her face all cut up to help her get into the swing of things though.

Chelsea all cut up about something.

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