Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Weekend

With the car all packed up ready for a relaxing weekend at Whangamata I had a quick look on to see if there were any caches close to my travels.  The short answer was no but then again what does 'close' really mean.  Decided that 'close' was 20km there was a couple that I could get.

"Thanks to Zork V" was the first cache on the trip. The second that I turned off the track the wife asked "Where are we going?"
"Just to get a cache"
Oh... how far is it?"
"Not far...."

Luckily that was enough

Approaching GZ as the sun started to set was a magical experience. Full moon on one side. Sun setting on the other. This cache really had some great view.

By the time I'd collected the "Thanks Zork V" cache and reached Paeroa it was dark.  That was going to make this a little harder to find..... On the other hand...With the wife asleep id have more time to search.

Felt like a long way to GZ but finally the gps beeped to say I was approaching.  Parked the car at the top of the hill and begun searching with a very weak torch.  After looking all over there was nothing for it but to call another cacher who had recently found the cache and ask for help.  He got me looking under the right tree and sure enough the cache was soon found.

Arrived at Whangamata and set up for a great weekend. Went to sleep early because it was going to be a long day for Chelsea as my slave.
To wake her up at 1201 or not now that was my first dilemma.  Decided to let her sleep and in the morning would wake her up to get her to cook me pancakes.... and oh how they were good.

The day was going to be a good one. Started off with pancakes then geocaching.  What more could I want.

The third cache for the trip this weekend.  Collecting this cache brought back a lot of memories.  For many years as a young one I used to wonder why we had to drive around the hill and why no one had made a road through it.

Then one day it happened. Someone decided to cut a path through this hill.  Quickly pulled into the pitstop and had my slave collect the cache.  A great spot.

Us at the topThen moved on to Tairua where there was a couple of caches to collect.
This was my second attempt at find the cache up on top of the Tairua hill. Its a nice climb to the top with beautiful views of the surrounding towns.  This time the cache was quickly spotted and signed. Grabbed the TB that was taking up residence to move on.

After these caches we moved on to Cooks beach. Id like to say that this was an enjoyable experience but there is a new cacher in the area who I believe is quite young. They have placed many caches in the area however have put little effort into them and the hints are hopeless. By the end of the day I was fed up and angry. Lets just say I let my anger out in the logs.

Once back at the batch I was time to get into the full swing of Slave day. Can't really get into to much detail but dinner cooked, drinks refilled, food passed to me it was all a great day in general.


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