Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Geocaching in Rotorua

So by now it's pretty clear that I'm committed to my geocaching.  Today Chelsea and I had decided to head to Rotorua to do a little bit of sight seeing and collect some Earthcaches.  I am currently trying to complete my Geocache license and to do that I need to get 5 Earthcaches.  Rotorua just so happens to have 5 so it was a no brainer.

We left Hamilton at about 8am and there was hardly any traffic on the road.  One of our first stops was at a pull over  bay just before Rotorua.  There was an interesting sculpture and a challenging cache to find.  Turned out that there was a little bit of climbing and reaching to claim this one.

We then carried on to Rotorua with a quick stop at the Agrodome and a pirate themed cache.

While in Rotorua we went to the Hot Pools for a look and to the lake front for lunch.  The weather was pretty bleak with it drizzling a couple of times but after lunch and while I was out getting a cache it poured down.  My wife, I have to say, would have to be labeled the smart one as she choose to stay in the car.  Even though I ran back to the car I was still absolutely drenched.

But that doesn't stop a cacher

We meet up with Chris and Tiff as we were going to babysit Quinn for the night as they celebrate their wedding anniversary.  No outing is complete with out a game of Mini Golf.  It started out all civil with Chris and Tiff just playing for fun while Chelsea and I have a Slave Day riding on it.  By the time we got half way I was winning my 4 shots. It was going to be close.  Tiff decided that she could beat Chris and they placed a wager on the last 9 holes.  This was when it got super funny as they are both so competitive.  Chris went pale as Tiff got hole a hole in one and started to win.  By the last hole all Tiff had to do was not hit the white area to win.... and you guessed it... there was an almighty choke on her part.  You would have thought Chris won an Olympic Medal the way he celebrated.  It was so funny.  Any just for the record, I won, Bring on Slave Day 2013.

We picked up Quinn and had Wendy's for dinner then headed to get the last couple of caches for the day.  I ended up at this steam called Dancing Sand. it was really impressive as there was vents under the stream bed that made the sand jump all around. It was a little hypnotising and could have spent longer looking if Chelsea and Quinn hadn't been waiting in the car form me.

Once on the road both Quinn and Chelsea fell asleep and it was a quite trip home.

Gave Quinn some quality reading material once we got home.

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