Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tree caching

Another weekend comes to an end and again I haven't done a massive amount of geocaching but did get some really challenging ones.

For a long time there has been a couple of caches up in Huntly that required me to use abseiling gear. I haven't been able to get them as clearly I do not have the proper equipment. Received a txt from Jane on Friday saying her husband was going to climb the trees and get the caches, did I want to take along. There was a little apprehension as I was suppose to be going to Raglan to the family camp. A quick talk with Chelsea and we decided I had the time to cache before heading to Raglan.

We arrived at the first cache on Saturday morning and were all excited to finally be getting these caches. Steve, Richard, Jane and I all held our breaths as it took several attempts to hook the rope over the branches. One a good line was found we tied James to the end and pulled him up to the top.

Apart from the caching the weekend went by fast and uneventful we attended the camp and had dinner out there before heading home. I watched the rugby and was thrilled to see my team destroy the cheeters.

Sunday was a little frustrating as I had to organise the orienteering for camp. Wished I had of been told a little earlier about it and it was a little bit more organised. I love camp but like to be full prepared. Don't really feel ready this time but I know the kids will have a ball.

With my bags packs and everything organised I'm now ready for bed and what will no doubt be a busy week

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